Director’s Desk

Kunal Kadel (Civil Engineer)

Kunal believes that Dedication, Commitment and Performance driven approach are the fundamental stones for any desired destination. At a very young age, turning ideas into potential and shaping his dream into reality, he introduced an online platform to provide detailed information about the world’s largest statue “Statue of Unity”.

Since inception, Sardar Patel was an inspiration to him, as he always found connected himself with the thoughts and ideology of the Sardar Patel, and to contribute, he marked the ray of sunshine by accomplishing the online informative platform about the Pride of Indian Sardar Patel.

This platform includes a brief biography, quotes and other details about Sardar Patel. Kunal always use to say “My diverse talented team is my greatest asset” together with our beliefs and values we are able to start this kind of platform to serve society and the nation.